Why us?

Emirode General Trading represents some of the leading companies in the extraction and processing of marble and natural stone from all over the world. The peculiarities of our representation relationships allow us to be a real point of reference in the Italian and non-Italian marble sector, at an international level.
Our partners represent the best, internationally, for the wisdom in stone extraction, the ability to transform it into blocks, marble slabs or small tiles, the craftsmanship in working it and the technologies used to meet the needs of each single designer.

Thanks to a constant availability of over 200 types of marble, coming from all over the world, and to a highly mechanized production process, we are able to satisfy any type of requirement: from the sale of rough blocks and slabs, to the most sophisticated processes, up to the made to measure design.

Our proposals


The block of marble is the degree zero of the production chain: the quality of semi-finished and finished products depends on the features and technical and aesthetic properties of marble. We are able to provide this type of material thanks to extraordinary natural stones and marble coming partly from mining sites located all around the world.

Our direct collaboration with suppliers, which we been able to establish preferential commercial relationships with, give us the opportunity to marketing of blocks of marble from everywhere in the world.


With more than two hundred different types of marble and a production process based on machines unique in the world, we can meet any need, always ensuring the high quality of the semi-finished material.

The Slabs are by resining, meshing, polishing, smoothing and brushing operations, in addition to a wide range of surface finishes to meet the technical specifications required. The wide variety of finishes, combined with the perfect execution of the processes, places the commercial proposal at the top of the market.


Customized floor tiles adjusted for floorings and coverings: our suppliers able to offer a high quality finished product, resulting from a careful selection of marble and from the exceptional expertise in the subsequent processes up to selecting colour, tone and veins.