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General Trading

Emirode is a leader on the international market for the import and distribution of Italian and European products in the Middle East market

Financial solutions

In a world full of complicated and rapidly changing regulations, we provide a clear path, providing best advice for company incorporation and management. Our professional and personal approach has earned us a reputation among banks, legal firms and government entities as providers of fast, reliable solutions.

Our Skills & Expertise

Our company, based in UAE with a representation in Italy, working in partnership with companies and UAE Government institutions, is involved in research of industrial and commercial entities interested in developing corporate activities and to open new markets in the UAE and GCC.
Commercial network built over 16 years of experience in Middle East with the presence of our local experts. We facilitate networking, opening a branch office or new companies; in addition to the development of activities both in Free Zone and other areas.
EMIRODE GENERAL TRADING LLC is the solution for Internationalization and Brand Management, PR, Marketing and Advertisement.
We are proud of our ability to deliver quality products and services that match the best interests of our clients with measurable tools for success.
EMIRODE LLC is at the cutting edge of delivering the most effective, customized and target-oriented solutions to our clients.
EMIRODE LLC designs holistic branding strategies and programs for corporate leaders and business owners to leverage the power of their corporate brands as a strategic weapon in building successful and sustainable business.

By carefully designing and managing brand portfolios for each of our clients, EMIRODE LLC help to create messages and strategies that connect with the competitive marketplace and increase profits.
We market ourselves also to search for suppliers of services or products for both government agencies and for private companies that are looking for partners and suppliers in Italy or in Europe.

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