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Partnership Development

Partnership Development

Forming alliances with other organizations is key to success for a company going overseas. Strategic partnerships are vital to let your business grow in a new environment. Emirode provides a comprehensive assistance to develop new relationship such as distributors, suppliers and clients, throughout the final acquisition.

Research & Identification

Your decision to acquire a business should be an informed one, but it is often difficult to know where to begin. To purchase an existing business, you must understand your options, including businesses appropriate for purchase, the economic climate of your marketplace, competitors, and so on.


Selection & Screening

We will assist you in identifying businesses for sale in the geographic region specified, based on critical factors determined by appropriate business acquisition. We will assess whether the:

    • Business is the right type for you
    • Industry is what you are looking for
    • Business aligns well with your prior skills and experience
    • Size of the business is compatible with your objectives
    • Labour costs and taxes are appropriate for your long-term goals, etc..



Due Diligence

Due diligence is critical in the purchase process, helping you gather all the necessary background information about the companies available for purchase and determining which businesses are the most appropriate for your goals. Our team of advisors will help you sort through all the relevant information in order to exactly assess the business insight of what you would be purchasing.

The process of due diligence will entail a deeper look into the specifics of the business, including determining why it is for sale, what the market and industry panorama for the company is. We will also assess factors like whether the business appears to hold enough market share to stay competitive, what inputs i.e. raw materials are needed to keep this business running, what the strength of the company reputation is, what the strength of the brand is, what current relationships exist in the supply network, what networking relationships exist, etc. These will help determine the appropriateness of a future purchase.


Negotiation & Acquisition

Once we have the complete background of the companies for purchase, we will be able to accurately assess whether the valuation is fair, which will lead to a more informed purchase decision. Another important service we offer is assistance with the negotiation and acquisition. During the negotiation phase, we assist with the revision and preparation of the contract. Our role will be to help you achieve the best possible outcome and avoid any of the common pitfalls in negotiating a purchase. We also coach you through the process and help take into consideration all the intricacies involved in the acquisition process. Our assistance will help you with the transaction process so that we can best represent your needs legally and help you meet your business objectives.

Intermediary Service

Strong business relationships with the right suppliers, management and customers are vital for sustainable business.We can connect you with suppliers that fulfill your needs in the key areas of quality and cost of supplies, delivery time, supply network coordination, management of assets and inventory and supplier relationship conditions that improve your business.

In the global business environment, local management in a foreign country can be crucial. We establish a range of requirements foreign management needs to fulfill to become your business advisor. The foreign management will provide you with the insight to enter this foreign market, avoiding expensive mistakes, boosting your sales, and minimizing failures in local management.

We can also assist in accessing new customers, including wholesalers and major retailers. This can result in a dramatic boost of your sales, improve your sales forecast accuracy, and increase the level of your supply chain coordination.