Our core services for the enterprises internationalization are tailored to assist our clients 360 degree

Emirode General Trading offers its internationalization services to start-up and growing companies expanding their operations overseas through a one-stop-shop business services platform. We help clarify their goals, assess opportunities, create a strategy, and provide them with a professional structure they can rely on to penetrate foreign markets with success.

Our tailored and customized services help clients to focus on their vision for the future and use this to create a clear action plan for the present by providing the necessary support in financial and technical services to help grow the business during the early stage into foreign markets


Feasibility Analysis

We begin by conducting a full evaluation of the products/services competitiveness and eventually preparing the company for effective international implementation. Various aspects are entailed in identifidentifying synergies between the company, its vision, and the future goals in order to develop the right profile that meets the global market requirements.

Intermediary Service

Emirode assists its clients providing new contacts with local entities that are in line with your business objectives as well as matching timing, products/services and financials terms and conditions. We suggest the best partner for your specific referral market with the experience and market coverage that will allow you to compete at best. On a global level we can connect you with local distribution channels for suppliers that fulfill your needs in key areas of quality and cost of supplies, delivery time, supply network coordination, management of assets and inventory that will improve your business.

Additionally we can support you in evaluating a range of requirements your foreign management must have to become your effective business advisor. When chosen with the right characteristics, foreign management will provide you with the insight to enter that local market, avoiding costly mistakes, boosting your sales, and avoiding mismanagement.


Client Acquisition

The acquisition of new clients for a company represents a crucial phase during the internationalization process, an on- going development that requires time/effort and high negotiation skills to establish a successfull presence in a new market. We do this by providing you with a solid platform to access new clients, which include supply chains through suppliers, manufacturing enterprises through distributors or wholesalers for retail, using a local management approach by your company to thrive in the global business environment. This as a result will dramatically boost sales, improve your sales forecast accuracy, and increase the level of your supply chain coordination.

To create the synergy necessary for the final acquisition Emirode researches and identifies new market segments. Targeted qualitative and quantitative tests can provide direct feedback from the considered market niche being considered which, along with the proper marketing interface, makinge it possible to interact efficiently with key figures. This comprehensive analysis allows companies to verify the competitiveness of the business through global outsourcing that generate concrete time and money savings.

Partnership Development

Forming alliances with other organizations represents the key to success for a company going overseas. Strategic partnerships are vital to business growth in a new environment. Emirode provides comprehensive assistance to the development of new relationship such as distributors, suppliers and clients until the final acquisition. Through an in depth analysis and due diligence we help your business identify new opportunities by selecting companies that match your goals. This process enables the business you will be able to minimize costs and risks allowing your business to build the fundamentals for an action plan. Emirode has the capabilities to interact in competitive/hostile business environments helping your business to finalize real opportunities through suitable negotiation and verifying if is able to acquire new business and to consistently remain competitive.


Business Development and Virtual Office

Competing internationally and transforming a business into a global player is a major challenge and an ultimate opportunity for growth. Emirode is specialized in internationalizing companies, which saves costs, time, reduces expensive pitfalls and boosts sales. Our comprehensive approach consists of five steps: business analysis, business valuation, implementation of the internationalization, creating foreign partnerships, and assisting in innovation/new technology.

At an early stage of a company designate a physical office to start operating because Emirode offers office network support through virtual office, using our portfolio of services to interact with local entities. Virtual office allows you to keep traditional office expenses low while maintaining the utmost professionalism with advantages like a receptionist, answering services, PO box, professional meeting space, and an array of technological services. As part of our assistance we review and prepare necessary contracts and the negotiation process for building relations with local professionals such as suppliers, customers, customs, distributors, warehouse, shipping and others local figures. We assist clients with the recruitment process of personnel, professionals that will be required for the business development phase of the company. Additionally any operation needed will be customized for the specific situation requested.