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Atmospheric Water Generators

What is a Water Maker -AWG – and how does it work?

AWG is a disruptive solution and a new water resource that does not need to be located near sensitive ocean front, bays or estuaries like desalination systems and projects which can be subject to years of permitting delays, and costly legal battles with environmentalists. We are environmentally friendly and do not have any salt or waste discharge, and do not damage the environment.

AWG uses the humidity found in the air to produce drinking water by means of condensation. Producing water out of the air is a proven method and technology that has effectively been used for many years in military, mining and emergency disaster relief applications.

Omnia Water Italia unique and proven high-efficiency cooling technology has been developed to the highest quality standards that have a +20 year life expectancy.
Our industrial grade AWG machines draw in large volumes of air that are compressed and cooled to collect H2O in the form of condensation. This technology produces potable water that meets WHO water quality standards, while minimizing energy use compared to other commercially available solutions.

Omnia Water Italia has conducted extensive research and analysis in collaboration with professors from University of Padova and University of Venezia and leading industry experts trained at Milano and Udine on our Advisory Board.

Our proprietary technology and advanced refrigeration design includes multiple high efficiency variable speed fans with ECM modulation, advanced heat exchangers for energy recovery and cold air recycling, and uses stainless steel for all surfaces that are in contact with water.
This will allow us to extract more water from air-borne water vapor with lower energy consumption than current less effective existing Air-To-Water systems/technology.
While many AWG systems currently on the market can only condense ~50% of water vapor in the air, Onia Water’s system with its intellectual property (“IP”) will allow us to extract up to 30% more water from the air. Omnia Water Italia is the only AWG manufacturer in the world that has independent third party testing of water vapor extraction, water production and energy use.

The system has WEB enabled controls that are programmed for maximum water production and efficiency with built in security and a graphical interface that provide onsite and remote control, monitoring, and diagnostics.

We provide reliable operation at a very wide range of atmospheric conditions without freeze up.
The Industrial Water Maker is designed with serviceability in mind and has access doors that allow for easy inspection, and maintenance of components, and filters.

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Omnia Water Italia AWG has significant advantages:

Technology: state-of-the-art best-of-breed combined with own Intellectual Property (“ IP”) and exclusive licenses that are unique and proven

Environmental: AWG has the advantage of having minimal environmental impact. The water is produced at where needed most minimizing costly transportation, water storage, and water losses.

Cost: AWG Capital expense costs in most locations is less than forward/reverse osmosis (RO) including desalination and distillation, and can be powered by any energy source; grid, remote/off-grid, conventional or renewable energy including wind and solar.

Location: Water Maker’s industrial-grade can be deployed in a distributed manner, specifically where water is needed most, including at or near existing reservoir infrastructure enabling water security, self-reliance and independence.

Optimal Sizing: AWG projects module design allows for optimal sizing, and stepped-up expansion over time


AWG Fountain Device

Our Fountain AWG units is able to produce up to 40ltrs per day.
They require very little maintenance and are virtually a ‘plug and operate’ system that requires inexpensive filter changes every few months dependent on usage and climatic condition.
Essentially the machines are a humidity and temperature driven device.
The higher the humidity the higher amount of pure water generated.
The minimum humidity should be 15 degrees but ideally any degree above 30 will be most suitable in order to produce optimum water levels.

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Atmospheric Water Generators – can provide you with the solution to your water needs and in doing so will help reduce your ‘carbon footprint’ and achieve both an ecological & economical answer to the ever increasing water crisis. Our industrial machines are available in different range from 100, 200, 500, 1000, 3000, 5000 up to 10.000ltrs.
Omnia Water Italia (company that works in Italy with the support of some of the most important University of th country), through Emirode General Trading, manufacture and distribute AWG models in all the GCC and offer the very latest technology being “state-of-the-art” Atmospheric Water Generators that produce the purest, most natural drinking water available on the planet directly from humidity in the air we breathe.

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