Wheel Fit

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What is Wheel Fit?

Wheel Fit is a solution that has revolutionized the world of sport and fitness by patenting innovative machines and equipment designed for people with disabilities. Thanks to our machines, individuals with disabilities can access sports, fitness and rehabilitation activities in total autonomy and safety.

Our Machines puts people with disabilities at the center, offering a line specially designed to enable “people of determination” to access the world of fitness: in this way it’s now possible to practice sports and achieve important goals such as the prevention of cardiovascular diseases and, in a wider context, social inclusion.
Sports is an effective spokeman for communication and social inclusion and provides functional and playful results.



Wheel Fit realize a full line of products:

11 machines designed especially for people with disabilities
Electronically-assisted wheelchair-bench


All machines have been designed to facilitate the execution of the exercises and to respect the muscular, skeletal and articular physiological movement.

The system consists of 2 parts: the wheelchair and the machine.
The wheelchair is unique and connects, through a patented system, to all 11 different machines of our offer.
The wheelchair, through an electrical system, can take all the necessary positions for the different exercises, becoming also a flat bench. In addition, the chair can be raised or lowered to allow athletes of all heights and builds to always be in the ideal position for their physical activity
The innovative system, devised by WheelFit, makes it possible to transform the wheelchair and the machine into a single structure, thus giving an answer to the problem of stability and therefore of safety for the athlete.
At the same time, the rails, also an exclusive patent, allow to do the exercises correctly and, especially, not to request assistance for the different athletic exercises.
The weights run on the rails and, in the event of physical or stress problems, they never become a risk but always return to the initial position without hitting the athlete.



USER – People of determination

Social integration through sport
Prevention of obesity and cardiovascular diseases
Psychophysical well-being
To enable the person with disabilities to bring out the best of him/herself and own capacities and to restore self-esteem
Total autonomy and safety of the movements and sports activities




Strong message of social inclusion through sport
Immediate return and image impact
Offer innovative solutions
Differentiation of the sport offer panorama